Why having a good life matters

Recently, we spent time with women from the Tomorrow’s Women service in Glasgow looking at what MAKES a good life. Some of the things that people said were important to them were: having a home; having people to love who love you back; feeling able to be with people and work with them without having to be nasty to get what you want; having pets; having a job for independence, money and security and being healthy.

We also looked at what HELPS to make a good life and people suggested: having a routine; getting enough sleep; maintaining focus; eating healthy food; making a home comfortable and safe; feeling able to talk to people and resolve conflicts in positive ways; taking regular exercise and having goals.

When we asked people WHY having a good life mattered they said:

“For security and feeling more stable”.

“Your happiness affects the people who rely on you”.

“Being motivated means you’re more likely to stick to good habits”.

“It’s about making the most of having a second chance”.

“We deserve it like everyone else”.