Partner perspective – Outside the Box

The Moving Forward partnership involves Turning Point Scotland, Community Justice Glasgow and Outside the Box.

Outside the Box is a capacity building organisation that provides independent support to groups and people across Scotland who want to make a difference to their communities.

Together we have been offering small flexible budgets to individuals to help make a difference to their lives. We are working with service users and staff from community justice organisations in Glasgow.

This week we held a workshop at the 218 project which works with women offenders to start thinking about what might help women to move forward in their lives. We decorated masks which led us to consider and discuss what people see when they look at us – what do we project, what assumptions do they make about us and how do we think we appear to the world? We also thought about the things that people don’t see, that we keep to ourselves or that people don’t know about us.

This helped us to think about what we might want from the future, what we want to do next and the things that are important to us in living active and and meaningful  lives.

Some of the things the women chose to spend their budget on include gym membership and workout clothes to help with physical and mental health and wellbeing. Other ideas include help with purchasing decorating supplies in order to make a fresh start at home after the departure of an abusive partner.