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Moving Forward is a partnership including Turning Point Scotland, Outside the Box and Glasgow Community Justice AuthorityWe are exploring ways in which self directed support and a personalisation approach might benefit people involved with the criminal justice system. The work is supported by a grant from the Scottish government and is monitored and evaluated by Inspiring Scotland.

So far, we have talked to public sector and third sector organisations working with current and former offenders who have a range of complex needs. Some key themes and issues have emerged as follows: 

  • People with complex needs are more likely to have their criminal justice AND social care needs taken into account
  • People with less complex needs find it harder to access services or have their needs recognised in social work assessments
  • Being able to offer choice and flexibility to individuals is also important to service providers who can see the positive impact this would have on individuals
  • Providers are interested in learning more about different ways to manage risk well for everyone
  • Providers are interested in finding out more about how self directed support can be used and where the boundaries and limits might be

In order to continue these discussions, the Moving Forward partnership is hosting regular learning networks throughout the year.

Events will include opportunities to get involved with the partnership, hear how self directed support has worked in other projects and discuss the way forward for criminal justice organisations in Glasgow specifically and generally in Scotland.

“I learned about something I never knew anything about and more importantly met some really committed professionals”

“A good start but lots of further work to be done”

“Great to network and to refresh your memory on the key principles of self directed support”


of attendees can envisage how personalisation might work in their area of work

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of attendees can envisage how personalisation might benefit people they support

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