Managing small individual budgets in criminal justice settings

Thursday 22nd June 2017 from 9.30am to 12.30pm at Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow

The third learning network event will focus on the initial findings of our pilot study which provides small one off payments to individuals involved with criminal justice services. Although our pilot study is not self directed support in the strictest sense (i.e. none of our participants are currently in receipt of SDS funding), our aim is to investigate and illustrate how small sums of money might increase individuals choice and control over their lives with a view to making a positive impact on their offending behaviour. For example, how did the process work? What kind of things did individuals want? What did we learn? What would we change the next time?

We have worked in partnership with a number of third and public sector criminal justice organisations including SACRO, Crossreach, Glasgow City Council and Scottish Prison Service. In addition, our participant workshop sessions were facilitated by Diversity Matters at

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What are the risks of using an SDS approach in criminal justice?

The second learning network event will focus on the topic of risk in relation to criminal justice and personalisation.

For example, what are the risks to individuals? To communities? What are the legal and good practice risks for social workers in relation to initial assessment and ongoing evaluation? What are the challenges to existing systems and procedures? How do we balance risk with enablement? What are the financial risks?

The date of the next learning network will be Thursday 10th November 2016. To book, please click on the link below


Eventbrite - What are the risks of self directed support in criminal justice?


The venue will be Scottish Youth Theatre, The Old Sheriff Court, 105 Brunswick Street, Glasgow G1 1TF