Moving Forward is a three year partnership project involving Turning Point ScotlandOutside the Box, and Glasgow Community Justice Authority.

It is funded by the Scottish government and monitored and evaluated by Inspiring Scotland as part of a national strategy for self directed support in Scotland. Self directed support aims to put individuals at the centre of identifying their own social care needs, choosing their own support and having more control over their lives.

The purpose of the Moving Forward project is to investigate how a self directed support approach might work for people involved with the criminal justice system.

Specifically, the project aims are:

  • To improve knowledge and share information about self directed support and criminal justice
  • To develop the capacity of criminal justice organisations to use a self directed support approach
  • To share the learning from other community justice agencies with regard to self directed support
  • To build the participation of individuals involved in the criminal justice system in services that meet their personal outcomes

self directed support approach is already fairly well established in certain social care areas like learning and physical disabilities. Ideally, social care should be person centred, based around the skills, knowledge and capacity of individuals and rooted in local communities.

Offenders often have complex, chaotic lives and need support with their mental health, addictions, housing and other issues. Existing services may not be able to offer fully flexible, holistic support. Self directed support is an approach that may help individuals to harness whatever support IS available for their particular needs. However, at this stage, HOW self directed support could or should operate within a criminal justice context is less clear.